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I teach all levels of horn from your first day with the thing to university auditions (or whatever the goal may be!). I don't believe that there is ever a wrong time to begin or continue learning a musical instrument, so if you've always wanted to learn or are itching to get back to it, I would be thrilled to be a part of the adventure!

I am privileged to be associated with two great instituions in the Okanagan Valley: the Penticton Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and the Kelowna Community Music School.

More information about the schools can be found here:
Penticton Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts
Kelowna Community Music School

Leir House

Given the unpredictable nature of our current cirsumstances, I have been teaching online! While I don't think anything can truly compare to one-on-one in-person lessons, internet video conferencing has come a long way in recent times and regardless the situation, we can make lessons of any kind work. Follow the links to register at the schools or send me an email and I can help get the ball rolling for you!